Tomorrow’s Human Experience

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3 min readMar 2, 2021


The future has never looked less certain. For most, it’s business as unusual.

Past success is not enough. The questions every business needs to answer are: Why should they move now? What experiences will resonate tomorrow? How can those experiences be designed to offer the most value, for customers and business?

Uncertainty, as ever, raises the stakes. Those who move last, not far enough, or without conviction, will lose. But those who go early, boldly, meaningfully, will become the new leaders — tomorrow’s Apple, Virgin Atlantic, and Citibank.

This 4-part virtual summit explores the mindset that is needed now to deliver the customer experiences of the future.

Speakers: Steve Lidbury, Jeanne Bliss, Nikki Greenberg
Hosted by: Gabrielle Browne

If there’s one eternal truth that recent events have crystallized, it’s this: the future isn’t certain.

Companies often consider if they can afford to take ‘the risk.’ The real question, now more than ever is, can they afford not to?

Why is change now a fact of business? Have you made the moves you need, to drive your return-on-experience? How can you future-proof your customer experience to stay ahead of evolving human behaviors, expectations, and the competition?

Session II: Experiences That Matter

Speakers: Wilhelm Oehl, Joseph Pine II, Allison Johnson, and Caleb Rabinowitz
Hosted by: Gabrielle Browne

Providing great experience means delivering things that matter to people, in ways that people think, feel and do.

Successful companies satisfy a need, enabling customers to move forwards in their lives. The more directly, easily or fully a need can be fulfilled, the more valuable that company is to its customers.

When companies get it right and create things that matter to people it leads to great business results — the by-product of great creative solutions.

What new products, services and experiences will your company offer in the future? What will keep you ahead of change, ambiguity and crisis?

Session III: The Birth of Monochannel

Speakers: Matthew McNerney, Neil Redding
Hosted by: Gabrielle Browne

How matters. The sun is setting on omnichannel, and a new paradigm is taking shape: the end of channels as we know them.

For today’s customers — who are increasingly digital-native — it’s meaningless to distinguish between digital and physical. We expect seamless experiences no matter the context: we expect a ‘monochannel’ experience.

Companies that fuse the digital and physical can create seamless interactions that intelligently build on themselves over time, delivering constant business improvement.

Session IV: Return on Experience

Speakers: Tim Kobe, Joseph Pine II, Gerald Marion, and Chris Dobson
Hosted by: Elyna Vijay

Nothing drives outstanding business results so much as an amazing customer experience — and nothing creates positive customer experiences like design.

The success of human-focused companies such as Virgin Atlantic, Citibank and Apple is not by accident. In a world where people are reassessing what is valuable to them, companies that are driven from a customer experience perspective will continue to gain competitive advantage and sustained relevance.

This connection — between successful human outcomes and successful business outcomes — is what we call the ‘Return on Experience’.



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